Lucy's Locks

Description of this historic site

River locks known as Lucy's Locks. They comprise chambers with wooden gates at each end and sluices used to lower and raise the water level. Of Post Medieval date, they were located on the River Avon 100m south east of Holy Trinity Church, Stratford on Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 The locks here probably date from around 1664 when Sandy’s original work was improved upon, and was therefore probably built by Yarranton. The system was further improved in 1823-5 when the third set of lock gates was added making a staircase lock, with a total lift of 7′ 4″. The site was filled in in 1959.
2 Plan on SMR Card from Hadfield and Norris book.
3 A desktop assessment was undertaken in 1996 of Lucy’s Mill and Locks. Considered possible that remains of 17th century works may survive, despite later remodellings – these would be of regional significance. Document contains historical detail and reproductions of historic maps.