Lower Fulbrook Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The probable extent of the medieval settlement identified from an Ordnance Survey map of 1886.

Notes about this historic site

1 The extent of the medieval settlement based on the Ordnance Survey first edition 6″ map of 1886, 38NE.
2 Domesday lists Fulbrook in Ferncombe Hundred. The Phillimore edition grid reference is 2460.
16,14: (land of the Count of Meulan). Aelfled held it; she was free. Two and a half hides. Land for 8 ploughs. In lordship one and a half ploughs; 4 slaves; 10 villagers and 3 smallholders with 5 ploughs. A mill at 12s; meadow, 8 acres. Value before 1066, 60s; later 40s; now 60s.
3 The 1886 map shows this tiny area of settlement at Lower Fulbrook, close to the brook and to the watermill [WA836], and between the castle and Court Farm. The village had a medieval church [WA845], and there is a known deserted area on the western side of Court Farm [WA834].

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