Iron Age torc found at Middleton Hall

Description of this historic site

Find spot - a torc, an armband or necklace made of gold, which was Iron Age in date. It was found 100m to the north east of Middleton Hall.

Notes about this historic site

1 The torc was found during potato harvesting in a field at Middleton Hall in 1968 or 1969 at the above grid reference. The field in which the torc was found has not yet been quarried, although it is close to an area which is being quarried. The British Museum kept the fragment, which was declared treasure trove.
2 Photograph.
3 It consists of a piece of wire made up of 12 wires twisted together in 6 strands. Each strand was made by simple twisting, but the 6 strands were plaited together. The composition is not inconsistent with other late Iron Age torcs. It weighs 85.1 grms and the original complete torc would probably have weighed 680 grms. The torc was probably made in the first century BC.
4 Photograph.

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