Haseley Park

Description of this historic site

Haseley Park, a Medieval deer park, where deer were kept for hunting. The deer park was situated to the north east of Hatton Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Haseley Park may have been made by Sir Thomas de Cherlecote, who obtained a grant of free warren in 1267, or by his father Sir Thomas. Sir George Throckmorton was appointed keeper of the park in 1529. In 1632 mention is made of the Old and New Park, the latter having been made perhaps by the Throckmortons.
2 Haseley Park is not mentioned by Dugdale, and was probably disparked about the beginning of C17; it is shown on Speed’s map (1610).
3 One of the parks attached to the Warwick estates. Probably disparked by the end of the 16th century when it had ceased to belong to Warwick.
4 No information was obtained which would enable the boundary of the park to be determined.

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