Fosse Wharf

Photo canal taken from towpath; trees and grass on opposite side | Image courtesy of Gary Stocker June 2020
Fosse Wharf near Radford Semele
Image courtesy of Gary Stocker June 2020
Description of this historic site

Fosse Wharf, the site of a canal wharf, where vessels would have loaded and unloaded their goods. It dates to the Imperial period and is located to the west side of the Fosse Road Bridge at Offchurch. It is marked on the Ordnance Survey map of 1886.

Notes about this historic site

1 A wharf is shown adjacent to the Fosse Road bridge on the Warwick and Napton (Grand Union) canal at the above grid reference on the 1886 OS map.
2 There is a 1930’s concrete wharf with access to the Fosse Way, presumably serving the farm opposite.

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