Fishpond 200m NW of Court Farm House

Description of this historic site

The site of possible fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish in the Medieval/Post Medieval period. They survive as earthworks. The fishponds are situated immediately to the west of the double moated site along the Sherbourne to Hampton Lucy road.

Notes about this historic site

1 To the W of the moat is a shallow depression that was probably a fishpond at one time. The area ia now completely dry underfoot. To the S of this is the site of a second possible fish pond. A channel from the SW corner of the moat leads into this fishpond, which is still swampy and wet.
2 The earthwork remains of the fishpond complex survive tothe west of the northern moated site. The two ponds, the supply channel and their inter-conectingleats are now dry. The larger pond measures approximately 45m east-west and 25m noth-south. Water was originally supplied to the ponds by a drainage channel at the north-west corner of the northern moated site.

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