Excav of Neolithic/Bronze Age Ring Ditch - 'Site D'

Description of this historic site

Part of a ring ditch, dating to the Neolithic or Bronze Age, was uncovered during and archaeological excavation. Stake holes and fragments of pottery were also found belonging to the same period. The site is located 300m south of Barford Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 1965: Excavation produced evidence for the ditch of a ring ditch and the entrance. An irregular avenue of driven stakes approached the entrance at an oblique angle. Stake holes were found densely distributed in the W of the internal area – probably a revettment against spread of the mound. Charcoal and pottery finds from the ditch. Several features in area including pits and post holes. One gully produced a fragment of quern. The gully could be part of an irregular enclosure post-dating the ring ditch and appears to have held upright posts or hurdles. Pottery fragments were secondary Neolithic – apart from one Beaker fragment. The structure did not contain a burial and may never have had one.
2 Aerial photograph.
3 Excavation notes for site D.

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