Early Bronze Age Pits

Description of this historic site

Two Early Bronze Age pits were found during excavations prior to the construction of the A46 Norton Lenchwick Bypass

Notes about this historic site

1 An small assemblage of Beaker pottery was found within a posthole.
2Beaker pottery and flintwork came from a pit in area G. This, together with other Beaker material from a posthole in trench 3, suggests some settlement .
3 The earliest features revealed by the excavations dated to the early Bronze Age. Two small pits, located 160m apart contained fragments of probable Collared Urn, along with a residual Beaker vessel in one. This pit also contained a number of small flint flakes and charred wheat, apple and hazelnut fragments. In the absence of evidence to the contrary it seems likely that this activity was domestic.

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