Early Bronze Age Beaker near Coventry Road, Baginton

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a Bronze Age beaker, a handleless drinking vessel, was found near Coventry Road, Baginton. The beaker was decorated with incised lines. Flint artefacts of the same date were also found in this location.

Notes about this historic site

1 During the excavation of a gravel pit in 1931, a workman came across a Beaker (which he unfortunately broke) with a “flint near its foot”: the former was found standing upright, was 8 and three quarters inches high, and 5 and three quarters inches in diameter at its widest point. It was decorated with up to 28 incised lines (in pairs) around it; between which were various forms of ornament made by short lines in chevrons, crosses etc. This was dated “by the British Museum as Early Bronze Age”. The flint implement is one and three quarters inches long and seven-eighths of an inch broad at the top, tapering to a point. Much of it is unworked but at the point there is some fine secondary flaking. It is made of a yellow flint, and is unpatinated on the trimmed portion. Due to the nature of the find, these were not associated with any features or other finds.
3 Illustration of Beaker in FI File.
5 The area now is wild and overgrown (a back-filled quarry) and open to the public, for walking etc. The pottery and flint are both stored in the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, Coventry under the following accession numbers: A 880, A 1018.

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