Covered walkway at Stoneleigh Abbey

Description of this historic site

The remains of stone foundations for a covered walkway linking the stables and riding school to the main house. Designed by C S Smith in 1818. Demolished mid 20th century.

Notes about this historic site

1 Stone foundations for a covered walkway were recorded in the garden to the east of the main house. The walkway was designed by C S Smith in 1818 to link the main house to the stables and riding school.
2 Summary of a series of watching briefs carried out at Stoneleigh Abbey, in 1999. Topsoil stripping for a new area of car parking, to the south-east of the main gateway, revealed the remains of the early 19th century ‘covered way’ that ran between the Stables and the East Wing. The remains consisted of a series of six stone plinths running parallel to the garden wall. This ‘covered way’ was designed by Smith in 1818, utilising the existing garden wall to the east. The walkway was 1.95m wide and was originally faced with a series of Tudorstyle arches in a similar design to that of the stable block.

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