Burnt Mound 500m E of Lower House Farm

Description of this historic site

Archaeological investigation revealed the remains of a burnt mound which dated to the Bronze Age. The site is situated 800m north of Harbury Field.

Notes about this historic site

1 The cutting of drainage ditches across a field adjoining Sharmer Farm revealed ditches or pits. A second drainage channel revealed a black infilling cutting into the red clay, this feature is likely to be a pit rather than a ditch. Burnt, heat cracked stones found in this feature have been dated to 2950 (+/- 100) BP, suggestive of the Late Bronze Age. Two hearths were revealed close to the pit, radiocarbon dating suggests a date of 2990 (+/- 100) BP for these features. It is claimed that the pit was used for heating stones to be used on for heating water on the hearth/s. Another pit was found in the vicinity of the first, its function was not determined.
4 Note.
5 Field survey.
6 Letter to Time Team from Mr Ellis in 2000 proposing further investigation.

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