Site of Burnt Mound at Middleton

Description of this historic site

The site of a burnt mound, a mound of fire-cracked stone usually accompanied by a trough or pit, dating to the Late Bronze Age to Iron Age period. It was situated c 450m to the east of New Park Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 A mound alongside drainage ditch, possibly straightened natural stream. Situated on a steep slope. Hollow on top of mound. The mound measures c 15 by 13m, fades into natural slope on east side. Burnt and eroded quartzite pebbles exposed by erosion of pith over mound, particularly around bases of trees where at least 20cm depth has been eroded. Elsewhere the site is in wood, the soil is pebbley but the pebbles are relatively sparse and well rounded. Located in 1980, on a natural stream, a tributary of the Langley Brook/ River Tame. Recorded as Burnt Mound Survey Site 28.
2 Dating narrowed to the Middle Bronze Age.

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