Burnt Mound

Description of this historic site

Slighly raised mound of earth with high concentration of broken or cracked stones

Notes about this historic site

1 Th is is a slighly raised mound of earth around 25 metres in diameter, which is much darker and has a much higher concentration of stones than the surrounds. Most of these stones are broken and cracked. It is situated at the edge of a lower-lying and boggier poart of the field which has a brook at its eatern side. It shows up well in aerial photos taken in the winter months. The farmer believes that the sticky nature of most of the field probably means it hasn’t been ploughed much before this century, which would explain the relatively good state of preservation of the mound. Magnetic gradiometer readings indicated no particular anomalies at the mound. The cracked stones in the mound show a much higher magnetic susceptibility than other stones in the field, suggesting cracking through heating.

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