Barnmoor Wood Camp

A Medieval moat on the 1886 Ordnance Survey map in Stockton | Open
A Medieval moat on the 1886 Ordnance Survey map in Stockton
Description of this historic site

Barnmoor Wood Camp, a hillfort dating to the Iron Age. The remains survive as earthworks. The site is located 500m west of Barnmoor Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 In Barnmoor Wood are the remains of a small oval camp, situated upon the S edge of a slight elevation, with extensive views all round. The entrenchment appears to be almost oval,enclosing a raised plateau of about 1.46 ha. This is defined by a bank and ditch, with traces of a second bank and ditch outside. The inner ditch is about 6m wide, the outer ditch is considerably modified by a fence but appears to be about 6m wide and some 3.6m deep, with a causeway some 9m wide across it, which connects the enclosure with a flat elevated area covering about 10 ha lying beyond it. This area has sloping sides and signs of cut terraces, possibly the remains of former ramparts. A story exists that in the mid 19th century cut stones were found in a corner of the interior of the camp, which appeared to have formed an underground chamber.
3 Small, multivallate, in a commanding position. Main entrance is on the W and strongly defended, and there is a well-marked funnel entrance at the NE. The ‘terraces’ are mainly natural with, in plans [?should this read places], slight artificial scarping. There are no indications of former multivallation.
5 Reference 3 contradicts itself. The hillfort appears to be univallate.
6 Possible outwork extending along promontory on NW side enclosing some 0.8-1.3 ha, formed by an outer rampart looping outward from the line of the inner one. This can be traced under hedges. This field is under rotational grass. The main fort is under a wood which has recently been cleared.
7 An oval camp enclosing about three and a half acres with very pronounced bank and ditch, complete except at two points.
8 SAM List.
9 Photograph.
10 Short descriptive text summarises site history and archaeology.
11 Revision of scheduling in 1993.
12 Correspondence from 1977 about the extent of the scheduled area.
13 Correspondence from 1986-7 about a proposed management plan for the site.
14 Notes about the plan in 13.

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