Shottery Manor and the Hugh Clopton School for Girls

Shottery Manor house, rear view and garden. August 1951.
Warwickshire County Record Office reference PH(N) 600/268/6

I was a pupil in the grammar school stream at the Hugh Clopton School for Girls on the Alcester Road from 1955. We used to go over to the manor for some of our lessons, and soon the building of the new girls’ grammar school began in the manor grounds. The dovecote stood in an orchard of apple trees; we were allowed to eat the windfalls.

In 1958 the new school, which was in three blocks was finished and we moved over to it in September that year, leaving Hugh Clopton and the bottle green uniform behind. We were now attired in purple, blue and gold, with a motto from Horace: Aequam memento servare mentem (Remember to keep a balanced outlook) chosen by the Head, Miss E B Williams (a classicist).

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