Hatting in Atherstone

I used to work at the hat factory and the slipper factory, mostly Christmas for the slipper factory. It was ladies’ side and men’s side, so we didn’t mix and we used the bridge seen in the photograph. As the road was bad, with a bad bend, we had to use the bridge – but this was very rare we went to the men’s side.

A hot block

I used to put the hats on a hot block to make sure they were the right size. I also used to measure the ribbons for the hats. We used to make hats for Biba and a hats had holes – I could put holes were you wanted but no more than 10 holes and they were sold in London by Biba.

I also worked at Coventry Brace, where I had to check the braces. Coventry Brace is now where the Aldi supermarket carpark is.

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