JL Vero and Sons Slipper Factory

Station Street in 2009.
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The Slipper Factory in Station Street, Atherstone was sold in 1989 and closed very soon afterwards. It was started by Joseph Lester Vero in the late 1800s and manufactured socks to go inside wellington boots. It subsequently made sheepskin slippers (competing with Moorland slippers of Glastonbury), but the advent of central heating brought an end to sheepskin slippers. However the factory continued making footwear such as leather slippers, sandals and orthopaedic boots, until 1989.

Slippers for the Royal Family

The company have made slippers for the royal family through Trickers of Northampton. Most notably, slippers were made for Prince Charles’s 50th birthday. he took a size 9!

In the early days, Veros sent their mail on the London train which went through the town at midnight. The train didn’t stop, but picked up from a basket that hung out over the platform. The mail reached its destination the next morning without fail!

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