Dogs, Horses, and Fish and Chips Around Leamington

View along Leam Terrace looking towards the Parish church, Leamington Spa. 1947
IMAGE LOCATION: (Warwickshire County Record Office)
Reference: PH(N), 600/362/1, img: 4960

I remember the fish and chip shops, Oates and Garibaldi and the one in Leam Terrace. We passed Sabin’s bakery every day on our way to school. One day Amber, the big golden retriever was lying in the road like a lion. Me, being a great animal lover and very young rushed up and cuddled him. He promptly bit me. Mum had to take me to the hospital for a check-up but I was fine. The dog was usually locked behind the back yard gate; children would poke him with sticks and tease him so no wonder he was grumpy.


For the first time in my life I have no animals and it does seem strange. Horses featured in my life a lot from about 11 years or earlier. My sister Rita was horse mad and any chance to get involved with horses she took. She made friends with Miss Newcombe who had some riding stables somewhere way past the top of the parade. We used to walk for miles it seemed to collect the ponies and take them down to the Pump Room Gardens on weekends. There we would give sixpenny rides to children all afternoon. We’d then walk the ponies back to the stables.

Working full time at the stables

Rita left Leamington College early so she could work full time at the stables. Then we really had a ball exercising the horses. It was a start for Rita and she finally had her own riding stables. She still rides but has none of her own now.

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