Brandon Garden Centre

I thought you might like to see these pics of a Garden Centre in Brandon. It’s just opposite the speedway track and maybe not much to look at now, but it interests me. It’s been closed for years they say but you can see the buildings still stand and I love the way the plots were laid out but nature’s taking over – it’s a battle for sure. The greenhouses are a bit ruined but there are still floors. I love the kind of marble-like floor peeping out the grass, and the lines of plants still there and grasses have not quite claimed ’em and it’s a bit of the past, a big open space.

On borrowed time?

The plot’s been bought, they say, so it won’t be long till it goes. Dunno what they’re building there instead like but it’ll be a shame to see a bit of Brandon leave. I used to visit here as a kid when my mum loved her gardening and it’s got character. It’s just by the side of the main road through to Binley Woods and you drive straight past it if you’re not careful, but I like it. I’m glad I stopped off and reminded myself of when I was a kid.

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