Can You Help About Whitnash Road Names?

Whitnash shopping centre. 1960s
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Good evening,

Hope you can help me confirm something I was told today.

My grandad is 90 years old and has been round here most of his life, his father also grew up in the area and from what I am told was a promenant character.

We got talking , as we often do , about how the locale was little more than fields with some emphasis on the White Ash trees that Whitnash took its name from.

He then dropped a bomb saying that Morris Drive in Whitnash was named after his father who was a police officer in Leamington / Whitnash. He also stated that Palmer Road was named after Ted Palmer , an old friend of his.

Are there any records of how the street names in Whitnash came about? Specifically Morris Drive and Palmer Road .

Any information or a point in the right direction would be great.

Thank you