Photograph a historic site

There are thousands of ‘historic sites’ listed on this website. You can find a list of these sites by going to any location or subject.  The information about the sites comes from the list maintained by the Historical Environment Record.  However, we don’t have photos of most of these sites – so that’s where you come in!

Please take a photo of a historic site

Here’s how you can help.  Look at the list of locations on the site.  Choose a nearby town or village (such as Tredington), and you’ll find a list of historic sites associated with that place.

If you know where a historic site is, if you can get to it (we don’t want you to trespass) and if you are willing and able, we’d love you to take a picture and submit it to us.

How do I upload my photo of a historic site?

You’ll see a link for adding your photo when you look at the details of a particular historic site.  For example, see the page about the historic site of the Church of St James, Great Packington