Stoneythorpe Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The site of deserted settlement dating to the Medieval period. The settlement remains are visible as earthworks, which suggest it contained at least ten crofts. It is located 1km west of Southam.

Notes about this historic site

1 Stoneythorpe is described by Dugdale as ‘reduced’ and here the claim to depopulation is probable. SP4062.
2 Poor archaeology (C), small quantity of documentary evidence for village’s former existence, but period of desertion not known.
3 No evidence of desertion in the indicated area.
4 Earthworks at the above grid reference support the suggestion that it was the smallest settlement in the parish, although they may have originally extended further N, under the gardens of the Hall. The quality of the earthworks is low, and those features which are clear have been suggested as stone-pits or fishponds. There is no dating evidence. There would appear to be at least ten crofts.
5 Plan.
6 Report on visit to Stoneythorpe Hall.
7 Notes on Stoneythorpe.

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