Site of Roman Quarry 200m N of Bidford Bridge

Description of this historic site

The site of a quarry dating to the Roman period. It is located 200m north of Bidford Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Most of the area excavated was covered by part of a large quarry or pit 27m wide where it was sectioned, on the S side of the threatened area. This was apparently of Roman date, 2nd century from the pottery, and was a filled-up sand and gravel pit cutting across the field from SE to NW. This seems to be the explanation for the increase in the depth of soil above the gravel noted in the 1920’s excavations on the E of the present excavation. Anglo Saxon graves have been found on both sides of the gravel pit and it seems likely that it was still visible as a hollow in the 6th century and that graves were dug around it. The most likely use for the sand and gravel would be in road building.
2 A Saxon coin (PRN 6175) was found in the top soil above the quarry.

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