Site of Possible Deserted Village at Bramcote

Description of this historic site

Documentary evidence suggests that this was the site of a deserted settlement, abandoned during the Medieval period, on the site of Bramcote Hall.

Notes about this historic site

1 The site now consists of a central 18th century house (PRN 223). Earlier maps show a complex of fishponds as well as a number of footpaths converging on this point. All these features have now vanished under plough. From ground level no soil mark is visible, and there is not even a sign of stone or pot spreads.
2 The site was accepted as a Deserted Medieval Village by the Medieval Village Research Group.
3 Aerial photographs show crop marks to the E of Bramcote Hall which may relate to the Deserted Medieval Village (see PRN 4824).
4 Billon ‘schilling’, dated within the 1530s, and forged shilling of the Commonwealth (dated 1658), found by metal detector at SP 2704. Also reported from the vicinity (SP 2804), a shilling of Elizabeth I, a large fragment of Roman trumpet fibula, and (from SP 2805) a silver ‘soldino’ of Doge Leonardo Lauredano of Venice, 1501-21.
5 Copper alloy medieval harness pendant (probably late 13th/14th century), lead cloth seal or alnage seal (prob 1663), & copper alloy fitting, found by metal detector at cSP2703.
6 Archival material.
7 Photocopy of map of the area.

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