Site of 19th century Brickworks at Rhine Hill

Description of this historic site

The site of a brickworks where bricks were made on an industrial scale during the Imperial period. The brickyard cottages have been restored. The site was 500m north of Long Itchington, at Rhine Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 The brickyards were commenced in the mid 19th century and were owned by William Witherington, a member of the family who worked the Keuper Marl clay which comprised the N part of the parish. In White’s Directory of 1874 William Witherington is described as a ‘Brick, Drainpipe and Quarry Manufacturer’. The kiln and horse-operated pugmill were still in position in 1910, but the works had ceased operation. The Brickyard Cottages were restored in 1974.

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