Roman road (Road B), Alcester.

Description of this historic site

A Roman road running south out of Alcester. The road runs down the High Street and then to the west of Bleachfield Street. It has been partially excavated.

Notes about this historic site

1 Mahany’s Road B, known from excavations on her Site C, may also have been visible in Taylor’s 1969 excavation (PRN 500). The alignment of buildings may suggest that it continued somewhere between Booth’s 1976-7 site (PRN 499) and Evans’ 1975 excavation (PRN 501) and then possibly up the line of the High Street. Roadside ditches to the E were discovered on Mahany’s site C (PRN 448).
2 Within the Scheduled area.
3 Geophysical survey revealed the route of the road heading southwards beyond Newport Drive and closer to the extra mural cemetery (MWA 443) than previously predicted.

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