Roman Coin hoard from Chessetts Wood

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a coin hoard dating to the Roman period was found near Chessetts Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 In the summer of 1778, within the manor of Knowle and parish of Hampton in Arden, in the county of Warwick, in ploughing the share of the plough struck against an earthern urn of a dark brown colour and rude workmanship, which being broken by the shock its contents were found to be a mass of Roman coins in weight about 15 pounds. Many of the coins proved to be those of the emperor Gallienus, his wife Salonina senior, the younger Tetricus, and other usurpers in Britain during the reign of Gallienus. They are mostly copper or that metal washed with tin or silver. The spot on which the urn was found is an eminence as considerable as any in that part of the country.
2 In 1772 (sic) was found in this parish and Knoll Manor, a dark brown urn containing 15lb weight of coins of the lower Empire.

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