Quarry Farm, Rowington Green

Description of this historic site

The main part of this house dates to the Imperial period but a two storey block which is at right angles to this is possibly of Post Medieval date. It is situated at Rowington Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 Ownership is noted from 1561 to 1665. The present house is in two sections; an early 19th century three storey building which forms the chief living part of the building, and a low two storey building which is at right angles to it. Although this part is faced with 18th century brick it appears to be of an earlier date. The two ground floor rooms are seperated by a wide entrance passage. A small enclosed stair leads to the upper floor which is open to the roof and contains no divisions. Windows, one in each gable, are of old glass and horn. It is marked as building No. 40 on the 1550 – 1650 map in this book.

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