Potford's Dam to W of Cawston Spinney

Description of this historic site

The site of Potford Dam which was originally built during the Medieval period. The dam is marked on Beighton's map of 1722. It was probably used to provide a supply of water for a nearby watermill. The dam was situated to the west of Cawston Spinney.

Notes about this historic site

1 Roger Pantolf gave Pipewell Abbey the dam of his mill stream outside their enclosure at Potford. This may have been one of the two mills held by the Abbey at Cawston in 1291. In 1546 the pond called Potford Dam was granted to Thomas Boughton.
2 According to an account from 1861 there was a large pool to the west of Cawston Lodge near the Rugby – Warwick turnpike road. This was formed by a dam called Potford Dam. It had already been cut through and drained in the 1860’s. (see also WA 4129).
4 The dam appears on several early maps but these are not specific enough to place the site.
7 The site of the of the dam could not be located when area was visited.

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