Possible remains of field drain, N of Hill Wootton

Description of this historic site

The site of a field drain which is of unknown date and which is situated south of Wootton Spinnies.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site reported as possible Roman building on basis of visible structure together with finds from surrounding area (see WA 8281, 8282, 8283, 8284). Site and finds distribution sketches made by finder.
2 Site was visited by Warwickshire County Council Field Services staff in September 1998. In situ stonework was observed at SP3069, with further roughly shaped sandstone blocks in the immediate vicinity and in the Cattle Brook itself. No evidence to suggest a Roman date for the structure was recovered. The evidence instead suggested the remains of a substantial revetment supporting one side of a major field drain draining fields to the south of the Cattle Brook. However, on the eastern side of the junction of the drain and the Cattle Brook, a possible building platform was observed but not investigated.
3 Sketch plan.
4 Photos.

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