Poss. D.M.V. at Marston Jabbett

Description of this historic site

Documentary evidence suggests that a deserted settlement of Medieval date was situated at Marston Jabbett.

Notes about this historic site

1 `Marston Jabbett Deserted Medieval Village and field system, to the east of the water-filled quarries.’
2 Hereward the pre-Conquest tenant of Marston retained his estate of 1 hide in 1086, but as undertenant of the Count of Meulan. The overlordship came to the earls of Warwick, and from early in the 13th century a mesne lordship was held by the family of Estley, or Astley. In 1242 Henry Jabet held of Thomas de Estley, who held of the earl, a half-fee in Marston Jabet.
3 in MARSTON (JABBETT). 1 hide. Hereward holds from him. Land for 4 ploughs. In lordship 2; 1 female slave; 12 villagers and 8 smallholders with 4 ploughs. Meadow, 6 acres. The value was and is 3. Hereward also held it freely before 1066.
4 Map.

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