Pillerton Priors decoy for RAF Wellesbourne Mountfd

Description of this historic site

The site of Pillerton Priors bombing decoy, a system of lights, fires or dummy objects. The decoy was used to prevent German bomber planes from dropping their bombs on the airfield at Wellesbourne. The decoy was situated to the south east of Pillerton Hersey.

Notes about this historic site

1 At Flaxland Farm, Pillerton Priors, in a big field known as Coverwell, the RAF installed a dummy runway with landing lights and it was manned every night by RAF personnel. The control bunker was built along the bridle road to Oxhill.
2 There is local knowledge of a bunker or air raid shelter (WA 8009) on the north side of the lane at SP3048 but this was demolished many years ago. Ploughing sometimes brings up old underground wires that were probably part of the decoy site. Coverwell field not identified but Flaxland Farmhouse was in the village.
3 Pillerton Priors Type Q site at SP 3048, for RAF Wellesbourne Mountford.

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