Neolithic Flint Scatter

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a scatter of flint artefacts of prehistoric date was found 500m south of Outwoods Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 A number of flakes, cores and fragments of Neolithic type, scattered over an area of several hundred square metres in a ploughed field immediately S of Spring Pools; found during the period 1904-6. At a later date during the same period an arable field to the NW of the pools was found to yield similar remains, and isolated specimens, including 2 cores, have been noticed on adjacent footpaths. It is possible that the adjacent pasture fields would prove equally prolific, but flints have not been noticed on the surrounding arable fields further from the spring. Flint does not occur naturally in the locality but not far to the W flint pebbles occur in the Glacial sand and gravel deposits and this no doubt was the source of the material. The finds collected numbered 652. Not one complete implement was found, and if the 10 prismatic cores are ignored only 5% showed evidence of secondary working: Elongated scraper .. 3, Discoidal scrapers .. 5, Notched flakes .. 6, trimmed flakes .. 13, Awl .. 1, Arrow point .. 5. Three of the trimmed flakes may have been strike-a-lights. All of the specimens have been deposited in the Museum of the Birmingham Archaeological Society and their crude form led the author to suggest a date at an early stage of the Neolithic.
2 Fields under crop. No new finds are known.

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