Mound 200m W of College Farm, Warmington

Description of this historic site

A mound, visible as an earthwork. It probably dates to the Imperial period. The mound is situated 800m north east of Warmington.

Notes about this historic site

1 A well marked ’rounded knoll’ about 10m diameter and 1m high, standing in isolation. This is one of a number of similar mounds associated with ridge and furrow in the area.
2 In April 1984 part of the mound was removed by machine by the farmer in preparation for ploughing. Investigation by the Museum staff failed to locate a surrounding ditch but established that the mound was constructed of turves and clay, with a notable absence of stone. Post Medieval pottery was recovered from the original ground surface sealed by clay used in the construction of the mound. It was assumed that the mound was of 19th century construction.
3 Location map.

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