Moat at Baxterley Church

A Medieval moat on the 1925 Ordnance Survey map in Baxterley | Open
A Medieval moat on the 1925 Ordnance Survey map in Baxterley
Description of this historic site

A double moat, wide ditches surrounding a building. The moat survives as an earthwork and is probably Medieval in origin. It is situated at Baxterley Church.

Notes about this historic site

1 A large homestead moat of considerable strength. The site is overgrown and has been mutilated in places by modern works. Possibly the site of one of the manor houses of Baxterley manor which seems from an early date to have been held in two moities.
2 Historical records for the manor of Baxterley.
3 The site is wooded and overgrown. Traces of revetment exist on the inside and outside of the moat on its E side.
4 The site was scheduled in 1978.
5 Site visit notes, 1987.
6 The site was excavated in 1977. The moat has two islands. A trench showed the moat to be 3m deep and 4m wide.
7 Plan of 1977.
8 This is a double moated site with two square islands. The smaller island is set to the north west of the larger.
9 Correspondence about an excavtion at the moat.
10 Scheduling information.
11 Scheduling information.
12 A copy of a letter from English Heritage to the occupiers of Moat Close following a site visit.
13 Sketch of the moat fom a tithe award map.
14 Scheduling record.

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