Prehistoric Flint Scatter in Bidford on Avon.

Description of this historic site

A flint scatter dating to the Prehistoric period. It was found 300m south east of Marlcliff.

Notes about this historic site

1 Collection of natural and struck flint including a leaf shaped arrowhead, Neolithic scrapers, core and borer found at this location.
2 Small flake tool, probably a Neolithic borer found in 1989 at SP099503.
3 A struck flake was found at SP099502 in 1989.
4 Three flakes were found in 1989 at SP099502/3: a natural flake, a tiny scraper and a side scraper.
5 One worked flake and one waste flake, together with four natural flints, were found in 1989 at SP099502.
6 Two worked flint flakes and a flint pebble were found in 1991 at SP09905005.
7 Two Neolithic struck flakes were found in 1991 at SP09905005.
8 Illustration of arrowhead in FI file.
9 Unretouched flake struck from prepared core found in 1987 at SP099503 approx.

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