Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age pit at Birch Coppice Phase II, Baddesley Ensor

Description of this historic site

A pit was found during an archaeological evaluation at Baddesley Ensor.Sherds of pottery probably from a Beaker vessel were recovered from it.

Notes about this historic site

1A late Neolithic/early Bronze Age pit (6703), with an undercutting profile was uncovered within Trench 67. The pit measured 0.82 m in diameter and had a depth of 0.52m. The pit was half-sectioned, revealing two distinct fills. The basal fill (6705) contained quantities of charcoal and burnt sandstone. The natural sandstone in the base of the pit
also appeared burnt, perhaps indicative of the pit being used for cooking. The upper fill (6704) contained charcoal flecks, and a flint plano-convex knife. Both fills contained pottery. The basal fill was selected for environmental sampling (sample 6700, see Appendix C.2; see also Appendix B for finds). There was very little CPR from the environmental sample. The pottery was probably from a Beaker vessel.

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