Harborough Parva Shrunken Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The site of the Medieval shrunken village at Harborough Parva. The site is suggested by documentary evidence. It lies to the south of Eastenhall Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 Only two houses, with signs of a third. It was in Newbold on Avon parish. The field at the E of the road is called Townend Field in the Tithe Award. Coombe Abbey had three messuages here, and probably the hamlet was never very large.
2 No house platforms were evident when the site was visited.
4 Medieval annular brooch, copper alloy, late 13th century, found at SP 47 79 in 1994.
5The actual area of the settlement, perhaps unsurprisingly under the current small settlement of that name. Reasonable earthworks of a deserted part of the hamlet survive just south of Chestnut Farm and also 125m to the north. Sown on HER lidar layer.

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