Findspot - Roman coins, Lighthorne.

Description of this historic site

Findspot - several Roman coins have been found to the east of Chesterton Wood over the years.

Notes about this historic site

1 Immediately after passing Chesterton Wood on the road from Warwick to Banbury, some remains of a Roman camp may by traced in a field on the left. Coins are occasionally found in the vicinity, one being discovered in 1890 of the reign of the Emperor Allectus (cAD290), bearing the mark of the London mint.
3 In 1956 the only earthworks visible were formed from the spoil of an old quarry. These gave the impression of a straight-sided oblong enclosure which, seen from a distance, could be mistaken for a Roman camp. The present location of the coins was not ascertained.
4 Mentions a coin of the Emporer Allectus (AD 294) and appears to have a photograph of the same illustratingÂ… the text. It is possible that this coin is in the Warwick Museum.

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