Findspot - Prehistoric flint scatter, Mancetter.

Description of this historic site

Findspot - several flint implements of Prehistoric date were found 400m north west of Quarry Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 A wide variety of flints were collected during fieldwork at Purley Park. Mostly Neolithic/Bronze Age, but also a small number of Mesolithic types. Site MC : Finds included 5 natural flints, 4 natural pieces of quartz/quartzite, 1 natural piece of slate, 7 cores – 3 reworked/reused, 8 natural flakes with deliberate retouch, 10 waste flakes/blades, 3 notched blades, 4 bladelets – 3 retouched, 2 bits of backed blades, 2 blades – ends snapped-off – retouch on break, 4 end scrapers on flakes, 2 ?miscellaneous scrapers, 1 thick piece – retouch along side – ?scraper, 1 bifacial tool in black flint – broken, ?Bronze Age knife/scraper, one flake – retouch at distal end of burin. Various other finds include 36 cores, seven core rejuvenation flakes, 174 waste flakes, four blades, 96 broken/snapped blades, 8 bladelets, 2 blades, 1 end section of a backed-blade, 32 miscellaneous.
2 Drawings of flints found at SP309961.
4 A penknife point was identified amongst this assemblage. See MWA 6308.
5 Dating given as Mesolithic – Bronze Age.
6 Location plans of the different sites.

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