Findspot - Bronze Age flint

Description of this historic site

Findspot - flint artefacts dating to the Bronze Age were found 600m north of Newtown.

Notes about this historic site

1 Finds of Bronze Age flint made by a number of individuals.
2 Bronze Age flints here including cores and scrapers found here.
4 Bronze Age flints including a barbed and tanged arrowhead and a whetstone were also found here.
5 The perforated whetstone is an hour-glass perforated example, worn on both faces and all 4 edges. The object has a coffin-shaped outline and is of grey coloured slate.
6 This site has been partially destroyed by the Birmingham-Nuneaton railway.
7 A surface find made in 1978 is made of Borrowdale slate. It is probably neolithic in date, possibly designed to be used as an adze, as a hoe or even as a wedge.

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