Findspot - Post Medieval metal finds, Bidford on Avon.

Description of this historic site

Findspot - finds, including coins, dating to the Post Medieval period were found 200m north west of Bidford Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Assorted finds of Post Medieval date made with a metal detector. These include a Charles I farthing.
2 Finds made in 1986 at SP09755185. Coins of Edward VI, Elizabeth I and Charles I, a Nuremburg jetton, two tile sherds, one slipware sherd and one black glaze.
3 In addition a coin of Elizabeth I, a Commonwealth halfgroat (1649-60) and various other pieces of Post Medieval bronze.
4 A possible thimble, flattened, with raised dot decoration found at this location.
5 Coins of the 16th and 17th century found at this location.
6 Coins of the 17th century found at this location.
7 Two 17th century farthings found at this location.
8 Bronze key found in 1986 at SP09755185.
9 Two Rose Farthings of Charles I found in 1987 at SP09755185.
10 Coins, tokens and assorted buttons etc were found at SP09755185 in 1987.
11 A brass weight and a small buckle were found at SP09755185 in 1989.
12 Coin of Elizabeth I found in 1988 at SP09755185.
13 Seven coins from the post medieval period were found in 1989 at SP09755185.They included a Nuremburg jetton, two coins of James I, two of Charles I, a Commonwealth penny and a coin of William III.
14 Rose farthing of Charles I found in 1990 at SP09755205.
15 Coin of James VI of Scotland (1602) and three 17th century farthing tokens found in December 1990 at SP09755205.

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