Findspot - Bronze Age flint, HRI site

Description of this historic site

Findspot - flint implements including scrapers, arrowheads and knives dating to the Neolithic and the Bronze Age were found 1.2km north east of Charlecote.

Notes about this historic site

1 Members of the National Vegetable Research Station at Wellesbourne have, over the past five or six years, found barbed and tanged arrowheads and scrapers in the fields of the establishment. The station holds some of the finds (in different offices) but others have been retained by the finders and the staff is constantly changing. None of the finds are accurately sited.
2 Implements found during the period 1969-77 have been casually collected by several observers. Over 80 implements have been found, representing a range of types probably both Neolithic and Bronze Age. Finds include 61 scrapers, five leaf-shaped arrowheads and three barbed and tanged arrowheads. A number of other flints and unworked flakes have been found. There is a greater density of flint in the area of the cursus (WA 1145) and fire-cracked flint has also been found here.
3 Detailed description of the flint. Also recovered three knives, a borer and a polished celt. It seems likely that the celt was imported as a finished product. The most impressive scraper was probably a dual purpose tool perhaps functioning both as a chisel and as a two-handed scraper, like a spokeshave.
4 Plan showing location of flint found.

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