Field system possibly assoc with Thelsford Priory

Description of this historic site

A field system dating to the Medieval period was identified from aerial photographs. On excavating the site, archaeologists discovered several ditches. The site is located 800m south east of the church, Wasperton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Excavation in 1972 to the W of Thelsford Priory produced a sequence of five ditches. One was probably Prehistoric (PRN 5172), but the others were probably contemporary with the Priory. These ditches were on higher ground than the Priory and were probably either boundaries or drainage ditches.
3 Before excavation two parallel ditches known from aerial photographs were thought to represent a cursus, but excavation did not confirm this.
5 Aerial photographs indicate that the excavated ditches and the supposed cursus ditches are actually part of an enclosure system or field system. The evidence from the excavation presumably indicates that these are Medieval and associated with the Priory.
6 Part of this site may be included in revised SAM, but is not mentioned in Schedule description for SAM 21587.

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