Earthwork Enclosure at Piles Coppice, Binley

Description of this historic site

An enclosure of unknown date is visible as an earthwork. It is situated at Piles Coppice, Binley.

Notes about this historic site

1 The enclosure comprises a single ditch with an approximate depth of 1m and a width of c.8m. The enclosure has an entrance facing west but is poorly preserved. It is suggested that there may have been an internal bank. There are no upstanding remains within the enclosure.
2 A non-invasive field investigation of the elliptical enclosure known as Piles Coppice was undertaken. Comparative analysis of the boundary arrangement would suggest that the monument probably dates to the 1st Millennium B.C.
3 Plan.
4 The enclosure is roughly oval with a ditch and very slight internal bank. The enclosure is of about 1 acrea (0.4 hectare). There is an apparent entrance at the western edge of the enclosure. The enclsoure is entirely within the wood, as the external bank and ditch of the wood continue outside its northern edge.
5 Re-survey carried out in 2005. A digital elevation model was produced from Total Station survey. The dating remains inconclusive – an early medieval date cannot be ruled out, although the 1st Millennium B.C. date is reiterated.
6‘Lots of surface material’ noted from this site; no further details available.

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