Dunchurch vicarage garden, Dunchurch, Rugby

Description of this historic site

Villa pleasure grounds, shrubberies, mixed planting, formal garden, paddocks, orchard and remnatns of circular kitchen garden. Recommended for inclusion on the Local List by Lovie.

Notes about this historic site

1 2 Dunchurch vicarage garden, Dunchurch, Rugby.
Vicarage garden, school garden and churchyard designed as one unit by John Claudius Loudon.
Villa pleasure grounds with walks, shrubberies, mixed planting, paddocks and orchard.
Site in divided ownership. Much planting survives with a remnant of the circular kitchen garden. Lovie reports that this has largely been demolished since the 1940s.
Lovie states that this is a very unusual and significant site and must be included as a key site on the Local list.

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