Cropmarks in Fields South of Cemetery

Description of this historic site

An enclosure and a linear feature are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. Neither their function or the period they date to is known although this may be a banjo enclosure dating to the later prehistoric period (probably Iron Age). They are located 200m south of the church, Stockton.

Notes about this historic site

1 2 Cropmarks of an enclosure and a linear feature comprising two parallel ditches have been plotted from air photographs.
34 Also shows on aerial photographs taken in 1996, described on the back of the aerial photos as a Banjo Enclosure.
5 Enclosure visible on 2013 aerial imagery and possibly a small section of the entrance passageway (stock corral); the morphology of this site is certainly suggestive of a banjo enclosure, with a sub-circular, but quite irregular enclosure, although the enlogated stock corral is only really visible on SP4363A.

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