Anti tank road blocks

Description of this historic site

A World War Two tank trap comprising a pair of concrete road blocks. They were situated on the western approach to the bridge over the canal, east of Napton Holt.

Notes about this historic site

1 Pair of incomplete anti tank road blocks in a field adjacent to the western approach to Bridge 116 of the Oxford Canal.
2 Note, including sketches and photographs.
3 Prefab type concrete type 26 sqaure pillbox. There are a pair of very interesting and possibly unique octagonal anti-tank blocks. There is a metal pipe cast into each face to assist movement and both blocks once had timber runners either end of each face to make the whole thing cylindrical. An axial pipe would allow the block to be fixed in position (possibly with rails in sockets). There are also screw pickets for barbed wire defences in the hedgerow.

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