The Field

The Field is a series of photographs taken since 2005 in Welford on Avon, I wanted to show the changes in myself and the location.

I try to take a picture every day but always from the same place in the field. Sometimes the photograph includes people who are visiting the field, maybe walking their dogs or just walking on the footpath that runs around the boundary of the field. They may just be my friends visiting me or other people visiting neighbours. Sometimes people find it on the internet and share their photographs. I feel it is a statement on how everything changes including our health and our feeling of place in the world. Amid all these changes it is also a statement on things continuing.


In June 2015 I took a small square metre of The Field in a purpose made tray inside St Peter’s Church, Hanwell Village for a small art festival, Hanfest. I showed a movie I had made which showed the various changes through the seasons. Adults had their pictures taken and shared them on social media children were allowed to play with the light and the wheat. I returned the crop to The Field after two days.

The Project continues still in 2016. It has become a performance piece also, I think. You can see more on my websiteand also at this site.

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