Childhood Memories

Birdingbury Hall. 1930s
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I lived my first three years of life at Birdingbury Hall when my Father’s Accountancy department of Herberts the machine tool factory in Coventry was moved here about 1941. I cannot be sure of the exact date as my parents lived in Coventry on the night of the Blitz. The hall was then owned by a German lady married to an Engishman and she was not at all pleased having the hall requisitioned and having a family living therel.

Overrun by mice

The hall was overrun with mice especially up on the top floor. The gardener and his lovely wife lived in the stable cottage and I have happy memories of them. Also of the Trusloves who farmed in the village. I was baptised in the church on October 25th 1942..

Happy memories

I have many happy memories of the village – crossing the railway line, lying in the daisies in the churchyard and playing in the fields.

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